About Our Reseller Program

Our reseller program gives you the opportunity to benefit from the rapidly growing self-service technology industry. Self-ordering technology has the power to transform hospitality businesses, blasting their customer satisfaction and revenue. Our devices modernize businesses, helping them get to the next level. As a result, our devices are in high demand. This is where you come in. Become a Pye partner and learn to sell our equipment to businesses all over the United States. You will learn all about our technology and how to sell it in your region.

Benefits of Our Reseller Program

Joining Pye’s reseller program is the best way to get in on the self-service technology industry. Unlike other self-service tech companies, we set our customers up for success by showing them how to implement their self-service technology effectively. This makes for a higher success rate and better customer relationships, which benefit sellers in our reseller program.

We also set our partners up for success in the field through our partner training program. This program prepares you and your team members to learn about and sell our point of sale and artificial intelligence software products. We give our resellers a wide variety of self service products to offer customers.

On top of this, we reward our partners well. Our profit margins are among the highest in the industry. You will be your own boss, deciding when and how much your work. We also provide monthly incentives to reward successful partners. All you have to do is show restaurants how our products and services can help them grow.


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